Nuevo Bécal

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forest massif in the Maya Jungle

A Leader in Sustainable Forest Management
Located in Calakmul, Campeche, the Ejido Nuevo Becal is recognized for its responsible forestry practices. The Ejido has held FSC certification since 2016, and has been honored with several awards for its efforts in advancing responsible forest management and conservation, including an FSC Leadership Award in 2022.

Four Facts About Nuevo Becal

A long-term commitment

The Zere and Ejido Nuevo Bécal partnership is focused on sustained improvement of economic and social conditions through responsible forest management and biodiversity protection. The initiative creates new economic opportunities while safeguarding forests, water sources, and wildlife for at least 30 years and beyond.
Carbon Capture

Revolutionizing Carbon Capture in Forest Wetlands

The Ejido is expanding its forestry management program to maximize carbon capture in its forests and wetlands. This project will be the first in the Americas to use inland freshwater (non-tidal) wetlands methodologies for accounting “Teal” carbon sinks.


Supporting Community and Forest Monitoring with Technology

The project will support both community infrastructure and forest monitoring by financing drinking water generation systems, satellite wifi, remote weather monitoring, and more.


Ejido Nuevo Bécal: A Priority Region for Conservation Threatened by Land Use Change

Threatened by land use change, Ejido Nuevo Bécal is a priority region for conservation, known for its diverse populations of endangered birds, large mammals such as Jaguars and Tapirs, native plants, and amphibians.


The project aims to help the Ejido community market their high-quality, certified organic products.

FSC certified lumber, honey, and Maya Nut - at a premium price. The Ejido's long-standing commitment to sustainable and responsible management will be maintained through ongoing certification and authorization of their sustainable production practices.

The partnership with Nuevo Bécal is an opportunity to protect a significant area of natural resources while also promoting sustainable development practices.

A green treasure

Wetlands store 30% of all land-based carbon - twice as much as all the world's forests combined despite covering only 3% of Earth's surface.

The planned Teal carbon project in Ejido Nuevo Bécal aims to advance our understanding of wetland forest carbon sinks and help set appropriate pricing for Teal carbon credits, which can play a valuable role in protecting this precious ecosystem and carbon sink.

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